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Our movement is grassroots - and open source. Everything we create is free to share and free to use. We are 100% volunteer-led and volunteer-driven. This page is an actively-updated repository of our materials. 

Not in Toronto and want to start a "Not One Seat" style organization in your area? Ask us how - we're here to help.


Each element of our campaign  includes step-by-step toolkits for volunteers, so everyone involved knows exactly how to contribute to the mission and has the tools they need to do it. An overview of our model and internal team guides can be found here. We also have a volunteer tool box with guides for all our organizing tactics, here.


We create hard-hitting videos highlighting Ford's failures and spotlighting powerful candidates. All of our videos will be added to our YouTube channel, linked here.

Latest News

As we gather data and develop our analysis, we'll share what we've learned on our news blog, linked here.

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