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Not One Seat campaign kicks off with a splash

Tuesday morning, our campaign went live, launching this website and on social media and with an original launch video.

We launched Not One More out of a sense of righteous outrage and frustration with our provincial government under Doug Ford. Within hours of launching, it had become clear that our sentiments were widely shared. From all across the city, expressions of support flooded in and volunteer signups exploded. And CBC reached out for an interview to cover the story.

The tremendous response is inspiring, and a reflection of just how much energy there is behind the idea of putting a halt to Doug Ford's reign of errors.

With the online launch behind us, Not One Seat is now turning to the hard work of organizing a movement that can deliver on our plan. Over the next week and a half, our team has a packed agenda:

  • We're onboarding 10 to 15 new organizers to help us handle the flood of new volunteers

  • We're writing guides and toolkits for every step of organizing and mobilization process, so that volunteers can quickly and seamlessly plug into our campaign and begin making a difference with confidence.

  • We're building out enhanced tech infrastructure, including back-end automations to streamline our organizing, a Discord server to keep volunteers connected, and some updates to our website.

  • After the long weekend, we'll begin onboarding volunteers for our four action teams: Amplification, Creative, Research, and local Riding Teams. Each of those teams is slated to be ready to roll by April 23rd.

This will culminate with our official campaign kickoff event, held online for COVID safety given the current wave, and hosted on April 23rd. With the team fully assembled and all the infrastructure in place, that event will give us a chance to share our next steps and commence full operation.

After that: it's full speed ahead to a new government in Ontario.

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