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Who We Are

Not One Seat is a grassroots, 100% volunteer-led organization. It is made up of people from across Toronto and around Ontario who are deeply concerned about the damage another Ford majority could do to our community. The organization was conceived of and founded by Tim Ellis, a rave DJ and climate advocate who is passionate about our city, our planet, and our democracy. Tim was quickly joined by a determined team of individuals, and the horizontal nature of the organization means that no one person is the "leader" - decisions are reached by consensus of the organizing team. You can read more about why Tim launched Not One Seat here.

The Model

Not One Seat is built on an innovative distributed organizing model that allows people with shared values to connect, organize, and self-direct their efforts towards the shared vision. Using off-the-shelf technologies like AirTable, Google Docs, and Discord, Not One Seat connects people online into an amplification network that can organically deliver our message far and wide, while also organizing on the ground in each of the 25 Toronto ridings to talk directly to voters and secure pledges to unite behind the candidate best positioned to defeat Ford's PCs in that riding.

Not One Seat uses a rigorous model to select our Unity Candidates, looking at candidate resume, campaign strength, fundraising, assets like incumbency and campaign experience, local polling, community engagement, and recent (last three) election results.

Not One Seat is an open-source campaign model that is open to replication by any who are interested.