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Who We Are

Not One Seat is a grassroots, 100% volunteer-led organization. It is made up of people from across Toronto and around Ontario who first came together to work to fend off a Ford majority in the 2022 election. Though ultimately unsuccessful in that aim, they managed to scale up to a fully fledged campaign operation with tremendous reach and well-oiled team operations in a matter of weeks.

Just as important, they forged bonds of trust, skill, and shared determination, and as a result, they've committed to stay connected and stay involved. Now they're turning their sites to defending universal, public, non-profit care, while continuing to work for a united progressive opposition to Ford's government.

The Model

Not One Seat is built on an innovative distributed organizing model that allows people with shared values to connect, organize, and self-direct their efforts towards the shared vision. Using off-the-shelf technologies like AirTable, Google Docs, and Discord, Not One Seat connects people online into an amplification network that can organically deliver our message far and wide, while also organizing on the ground in key ridings to deliver pressure and unite opposition to Conservative MPPs.

Not One Seat is an open-source campaign model that is open to replication by any who are interested.

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