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Back In The Field

With the election behind us, Not One Seat conducted a review process to analyze our work and learn from it. We also discussed possible next steps.

A number of ideas were put forward by our members, but the overwhelming consensus was that regardless of the specifics, we wanted to stay connected and stay involved. With four years of a Ford majority ahead of us, we knew there would be fights ahead - and we'd learned to trust each other and to count on our shared skills and determination through the course of the election.

The first fight got to brewing before the legislature had even resumed session, as the crisis in healthcare that had been brewing for years and worsening sharply over the course of Ford's failed pandemic response began to reach the breaking point. With Ford's ministers first denying there was a crisis, then refusing to rule out failed solutions like privatization, Not One Seat volunteers raised the red flag and indicated they were ready to return to action.

With that in mind, we've put together a plan of action to challenge Ford's attempts to insert for-profit service delivery into our public healthcare system and continue forging increased unity across the progressive opposition.

Stay tuned for more updates as we roll out our campaign to defend and expand universal, non-profit, public healthcare, and ensure that Ontarians continue to pay #NotOneCent at point of service for medical care and treatment.

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