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Ontario Election 2022 is on!

As of May 4th, the election is officially underway - and Toronto is ready.

At the same time that the "writ drop" was occurring, Not One Seat launched our Unity pledge - a way for Toronto voters to indicate that they are ready to #UniteTheVote behind the candidate in their riding best positioned to defeat Doug Ford's PC crony.

During the campaign, the parties are sure to stake out all kinds of policy positions and make all kinds of promises. But make no mistake: Ontario's 2022 election is a referendum on the failed Ford government.

If you are a climate voter horrified by four years of wasted time: there's no more impactful single action you can take in the next 5 weeks to protect our planet than uniting to vote out Doug Ford.

If you are infuriated by Ford's utterly bungled and disastrous COVID response - from murdered seniors in LTC homes, to kids permanently disabled by Ford's cavalier "let it rip" strategy, to the constant lurching chaos of wave after preventable wave: a new government is within your grasp, if we work together.

If you're simply sick of the incompetence at every level - license plates you can't see, stickers that don't stick (and are also unconstitutional), pointless lawsuits that can't be won, Ministers that can't be found, relief programs that can't be used, states of emergency Ford can't be bothered to address - you have a chance to put an end to Ford's reign of errors by joining forces and voting together.

Ford is deeply unpopular in Toronto - but voters are divided between two and sometimes three parties, and that has created an opening for him to replicate his 2018 performance, where he managed to win in 11 ridings in our city. Here's the good news: to stop him, we don't need to persuade even a single Ford voter to change sides. All we need to do is unite our votes.

Our research and data team is doing the hard work to analyze not only polls but also historical results, trends, candidate strengths, and more, to identify those candidates best positioned to win in their riding. While there are no guarantees, and there are no perfect predictions, our rigorous model coupled with our organizing efforts offer a real shot at alignment - and victory.

If you're a New Democrat, you should welcome this effort. If this campaign had existed in 2018, it would have united voters behind New Democrats in almost every Toronto riding, and you'd have formed government. You only need to build on your successes. And even in those ridings where it goes against you this time, there are 99 more ridings outside Toronto where the rest of the election can be decided. All we're doing is holding Ford to a minority - and opening a path for you to form government.

If you're a Liberal, you should welcome this effort. It's true that if this campaign had existed in 2018, it would have largely gone against you - just as most of the province did. But it's not 2018 anymore, and your candidates have a shot to prove they're the contender to unite behind. What's more, by holding Ford to a minority with a shut-out in Toronto, we're opening a path for you to form government and decide the rest of the election outside the city.

Our volunteers certainly have their partisan preferences too. But none of our shared priorities can advance if Ford wins another term. And none of us are willing to risk four more years of chaos, incompetence, and backsliding.

This election, the stakes are too high. We would love for the opposition parties to work together to defeat Ford and his PCs. But if they won't, we will. We are going to unite the vote, chase Ford's Conservatives out of our city, and clear a path for a new government in Ontario.

Sign the pledge, and let's make it happen.

Bring on Election 2022!

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