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This Saturday: Not One Seat's Campaign Kick Off!

Last week, Not One Seat launched our online presence. Within hours, the tremendous response had made it clear that we had tapped into something big. From all across the province, people responded with enthusiasm to the idea of collaborating to put a halt to Doug Ford's reign of errors.

Since then, our organizers have been working hard to onboard the flood of volunteers who signed up to get involved; create guides and materials to support the campaign; and build a sophisticated tech infrastructure to support a widespread, grassroots, scalable operation.

Now, we're getting ready to kick off the next phase. This Saturday, we're hosting an online campaign launch event to officially kick off the full operation of our campaign - and we'd love to see you there!

We'll share some words from our organizers to introduce the campaign; then we'll share some insights into our week-by-week strategic plan to deny Ford even a single seat in Toronto proper, and why we think we can do it. Finally, we'll share how you can be part of making it all happen.

Register here for the launch, and get ready to kick off an exciting six weeks of organizing to ensure a new government in June!

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